Sunday, 10 April 2016

Where's Dumine Marie, the French Nationality Bride?

An Ode to Dumine-Marie

Are you sure she has French nationality, Nico?
Or she's just a Pondicherrian like me?

I'm sure, Selvam, yes!
She was born in Marseille.

Then I am ready to join her French class again.
Spending 6000 Rupees
Just to be with her again Nico,

Back again Level 1,
Two hours a day,
Five days a week,
For two whole months Nico.

But why Selvam Why?

To make her fall in love with me Nico.
I can't afford dowry for French nationality brides
And I can't afford commission for Tamil brokers,
But I can afford French class fees,
For my Dumine- Marie.... Nico,

In just 6000 rupees,
I'll make her fall in love with me

I'll sing songs of Florent Pagny,
And I'll make charts and posters,
I'll be the first to answer all questions.
And I'll send fruits to her mother.

There's no dowry in Love,
So I'll make her love me Nico

She has French passport,
But no brothers and sisters,
Dead French military father,
But very old mother.
Good character and morals,
But slim body,
Hidden in loose salwar kameez,
She's tempts no man, Nico!
I appreciate her loose clothing

Yes Selvam..

Hey Nico, tell me about her past?
Does she have a past?

How dare Selvam!

But you're her friend Nico!
Surely you'll talk
Does she go out in evenings?
With friends?
With girls?
With boys?
You are her only friend right Nico?

Because my father has said,
'Never marry a woman
 with many friends'
Not even female friends, Nico
They're a dangerous influence Maa.

Oh Selvam!

What's her age Nico?
What 33!
And I'm just 28
But no problem Nico,
She's still fertile,
And so Prestigious,

I'll take her with pride
To my office parties.
'Meet my wife', I'll say,
'French national and French Prof!'

You're too much Selvam!

And she lives in the White Town,
Right Nico?
In a three-storey house?
Hey are you sure it's an ownership house
 .. and not rented?

I'm sure but why Selvam?

So I'll stay with her on the ground floor,
Put my parents on 1st floor,
And 2nd floor for French tourists,
Only white ones, Maa,
Collect 40,000 rent a month!

I'll get the nationality,
I'll move to France, Nico
I'll get the dole,
And I won't work Nico,

I'll bring my parents
My sister,
Her children,
My brother,
His wife,

We'll all stay in France, Paris,
Hey don't make that face Nico
In France anything is possible

Sure Selvam. Vive la France!