Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Pondy's Fallen Angel

The Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Pondicherry.
Landmark meeting point on Mission Street.

The Stendhal-Syndrome-inducing cathedral.
Where one can experience Vertigo ..

The feeling of 


Where is this coming from? 

It's so intense at times. 
Look closer but you will still not see why..

..not even now ?

Perhaps now ? Or is it possible to see but not see? 
Because all things are so relative.

Through my eyes, the Angel is hanging on to the cloud for his life. It's been months (perhaps decades) since he is hanging on. I am (not) waiting for him to start his downwards descent, just like in the dreams.  

I believe he is Angel Rafael
Not Michael. Not Gabriel.

Gégé admonishes me saying 'Angels can't ever fall'
And that there is no need to sit in the side rows. 

"Be brave and sit in the center row. Rafa won't fall. Sure!"

I want to believe but I can't.

Someday you will see him and you will tell me if you experienced the Syndrome too. The piercing cramps in your feet. The familiar racing of your heart beat.


Stendhal Syndrome

A psychosomatic response—tachycardia, vertigo, fainting, confusion and even hallucinations—when the ‘victim’ is exposed to particularly beautiful, or large amounts of, art in a single place—e.g., Florence (Italy), which has a high concentration of classic works; the response can also occur when a person is overwhelmed by breathtaking natural beauty
Segen's Medical Dictionary. ©

"Angels falling through my hair. I want to meet them tomorrow"
 -- Norah Jones


  1. beautiful...! such a good observation n metaphor...al of us r trying to reach out to something..sometimes anything...even angels aren't spared...

    the church is really serene looking..

  2. i wonder whether ppl going to the church for worship daily observed the art so carefully like u did..

  3. Congratulations for your new blog!

  4. Beautifully written, Nic. These thought run thru my head so often ( esp in church, which I do not visit as often ) & you have put it so sweetly.
    Congratulations also on your new blog1 looking fwd to more.