Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Rain on you Pondy : March 6th 2013

Pondi~cherry, you moody little town with a mind of its own. I've seen you in all your avatars, at least seasonally. This early March, joggers on the waterfront were not happy with how you drenched them in sweat even before daybreak.

Yes, summer had descended, and soon those quaint boulevards would be set ablaze with a quiet, white heat. A sinister heat that would soon turn animals into the walking dead. And then we saw your capricious side again. 

March 6th. 5:30am.
Awakening to dark grey skies. In the fishing village, word has already gotten around that something was not quite right. Angry grey clouds racing across the eastern skies bewildered even the normally astute animals. The day wore on under a thick cloud cover and frequent bursts of rain. In the evening, we walked down the promenade.

My God. 

At one point, the waves were growling in contempt. Trying in vain to spill onto the promenade only to be warded off by the rocks. And that sky changing colors manically. Pink, pinkish red, pinkish orange, pinkish blue. Everybody was in a good mood; finding excuses to chat each other up. 

What a flirtatious waterfront!

Heavy blue skies, a deep dark horizon slowly lightening into confused layers of color. The closer to the shore the uglier the hues. But this is my opinion, Pondy. Here are a few pictures of you that evening.

                                                                 The iconic waterfront

                                                            Soaked but still smiling

Our Lighthouse.

   And here is the 1st Prime Minister of Free India  Jawaharlal Nehru. 

                                          A regular view of Nehru - Just opposite Gandhi Statue

Local policeman sporting the red 'kepi'. Remnants of the empire.

Very brisk walk.

                                                                      Leisurely Walk

Good mood Seller.

The French War Memorial Building

Devil on Sale

Pondy in a sparkling, fresh, wet avatar. (Even if only for a day)
         The Douanes Customs Building

The 24 Hour Coffee Shop 'Le Cafe'. Nice views from the sea facing side.

And so March 6th ended.


  1. wonderful images....pondicherry was dreamy when i went...and will visit again!!!