Sunday, 28 July 2013

Mission Street's Twillight Wonder - IC Cathedral

At the risk of sounding trivial, it must be said that Pondy has 3 main 'touristy' churches:

-Sacred Heart
-Pink Church (Notre Dame des Anges)
-IC Cathedral Mission Street. (Immaculate Conception)

The last loses out to the other two in terms of fans, because everybody's in love with the Gothic spires of Sacred Heart Church (which has Basilica status by the way) ..  Pink Church is a hot favorite owing to it's hot pink color, beach side location and nice stained glass ..

But to me and my own, Mission Street's I.C church towers above the others ..And this can't be attributed to any stunning architectural elements or color schemes or romantic historical stories..None of that

Maybe it's the presence of the mysterious Falling Angel

These are pics from July 23rd after the sunset (I never saw).

Small Video 

With Golden Jesus in the Foreground

I can see Rafael (Angel)  --- inside the Cupola


Close View

Mission Street Overviews and the Sky

The Lifesize Pieta to the Right of the Church

The Grotto of the Faithful


Blue White . and Gold .


Closeup of the Face of Mary on the Main Building

Entrance from Mission Street
This is It ..

Alone at the Top


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