Friday, 26 July 2013

With Pondy Moonrise -- Who Needs Sunsets?

for the Moony Mermaid

There are 2 things:

Pondy can be very disorienting for the West Coast person habituated to watching the sun fall into the sea every evening. Remember, when  "The sun sets in the West.", it also unleashes a riot of colors in the Western Skies.. Red, orange, blue, purple, silver, golden ..and finally culminating in a suggestive black.

This is why evenings on Pondy's promenade with blue grey skies feel ---  incomplete?

On the other hand, most of my Pondy Cherrians cannot imagine a sun sinking into water. .. It's much too Apocalyptic, this proposition

And so the conversations followed:

Locals:  "Hello!! Hello!  If you want to watch orange and red skies every evening, go sit on a terrace and look towards Mission Street/Anna Salai/M.G Road side"

Me: "But it's not the same as the Sun setting in the sea!"

Them : "Well, but we have the Moon rising from the sea. And colors more profound than orange and pink. Give it a chance"

They are right..

That Pondy is a nice place to be on full moon nights. Doesn't matter if the moon is waxing or waning. Try coming this time around and hope there is not too much cloud cover. Stay at a guesthouse facing the ocean ..
Only the moon rising over Ganga in Varanasi comes close.

Here are pics from July 24th 2013, possibly 9 pm.

Standing on the terrace at Vaithikuppam, the fisherman houses below.

Vaithikuppam Fishing Village 

Where's the Mermaid

The Tormented Skies

The specks of light in the ocean are a few brave boats drifting like flotsam

You don't see the Moon . But you know she is there, working up a silver froth with the        Waves

Somewhere along, I miss a certain dog 

.. his black fur.. brown eyes and honest heart beat..  The moon gets increasingly aggrieved, colors are changing too.. Like in  a Sci-Fi  film..

So Goodnight Struppich

Goodnight Scrambled Moon ..


  1. beautiful n breathtaking...ur lucky to experience this :)